Welcome to nessy2m project

The nessy2m program is dedicated to the simulation of machining operations: milling, boring and turning. Its main goal is to predict the defects on the geometry of machined surface: form, waviness and partly roughness. Deformations and vibrations of the part and/or tool can be taken into account. Cutting forces, cutting power, material flow, etc. are also part of the data produced.

nessy2m, nessy to Machining, is:

  • the result of research works taking their roots in 1992 with a first thesis held in 1995 (Khaled Dekelbab) and followed by 3 other thesis (Erwan Beauchesne, 1999, Audrey Marty, 2003, Stéphanie Cohen-Assouline, 2005),
  • coming from the nessy project; nessy, for network solver system, was initially dedicated to structural analysis and developed in order to test new ideas in a research context; the nessy project was initiated by Gérard Coffignal in 1996,
  • a fully C++ and Python rewritten and optimized version of nessy (initially written in Fortran 77) restricted to machining applications.

nessy2m is currently developed by members of the DISCOH group of the PIMM laboratory. Its main current developpers are : Lounès Illoul and Philippe Lorong. A PIMM internal report presenting main aspects of nessy2m can be found in [Coffignal2015] .